Speaking of Smell

Dr. Gilbert has spoken on odor perception in every imaginable venue: from spontaneous hallway lectures outside his lab to a formal lecture in Vienna with simultaneous translation into four languages. He has done live interviews on radio and television. Where some people are petrified by public speaking, Gilbert thrives on it.

Gilbert learned from Morley R. Kare, the founder of the Monell Chemical Senses Center, how to distill the essence of scientific research into a brief--and entertaining--informal talk. These mini-presentations were given to the Center's visiting sponsors: corporate executives, product developers, and marketers--people with an interest in smell and taste but not necessarily trained in science.

Entertaining nonscientific audiences with the latest developments in odor perception is something Gilbert enjoys. He ties our undertanding of smell to social and cultural trends in a way that engages everyone.

Would your campus or company like to hear about "What the Nose Knows"? Drop Dr. Gilbert a line.

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